eye candyって何のこと?メープルシロップのtaffyはどんなお菓子?読めば甘いものが欲しくなる!【small talk】

ネイティブスタッフによる英語エッセイ「Small Talk」、今回はヨダレをこぼさないようにご注意ください。甘くておいしいお菓子がテーマです。カナダならではのメープルシロップを使った「taffy」、そして、みんな大好きな焼き芋・・・。甘いものに関連した英語フレーズとともにご紹介します。

Thoughts on Nature’s Treats(自然のおやつについて思うこと)

My All-Time Favorite

煮詰めたメープルシロップを雪にたらして固めて作る「maple syrup taffy」

March has always meant the maple syrup season to me. When I was young, my class would go on annual school trips to local farms to learn all about maple syrup, one of nature’s sweetest gifts. Well, no one really calls them farms. A forest for producing the syrup is actually called a “sugar bush,” and the building in which the sap from the trees is turned into syrup is a “sugar shack.” Now that I’m so much older, I realize how tough those trips were for our poor teachers. We were very excited and noisy on our way to the bush. But the trip back to the school was even worse. We were all hyper after having gobbled down so many maple sugar candies that we were ready to explode!

In the winter months, looking out my bedroom window to see white, fluffy snow falling gently onto our backyard always used to give me such joy. It was not just because it was so pretty but because I knew my family would be in for a treat – maple syrup taffy! When my dad came home from work, he would exchange his old brown briefcase for a giant, yellow washing-up bowl and then head back outside to fill it up with snow. Back in the kitchen, Dad would then boil up some maple syrup to the perfect temperature. He would then drizzle that liquid gold onto the snow. My siblings and I grabbed spoons and started digging out that wonderful, chewy taffy. Mmmm ...




Surprisingly Delectable Delights

Did you know that maple syrup is also produced here in Japan – albeit on a small scale? But this country is much better known for other treats from nature. For example, sweet potatoes! It is hard to explain to North American friends just how lovely a roasted sweet potato can be! While they grew up with the tune from an ice cream truck coming into their neighborhoods, many Japanese still feel nostalgic when they hear the music from a yaki-imo truck. Unlike regular potatoes, the sugar content of sweet potatoes increases when they’re cooked, making them a wonderful treat. Does thinking about sweet potatoes stir up any childhood memories for you?

I never eat baked apples anymore, but they were a favorite of my mom’s. Of course, not just apples, but all sorts of fruit make naturally sweet desserts and snacks. We do have to be careful with eating too many sweet things, though. Sugar is considered to be a leading cause of some of the world’s biggest health problems, including obesity, diabetes and heart disease! How can things that taste so good be so bad?




Some Sweet News

Well, sugar isn’t all bad. It provides our bodies with calories, which we then convert into energy. Children, especially, need this energy to power their growth. Sugar also helps us store fat, which can be drawn on later should we need it. And all sweet things are not created equal. For example, while lacking in vitamins, maple syrup does contain minerals. Oh, and interestingly, certain compounds in maple syrup have been found to help reduce the growth of cancer cells as well as to slow down the breakdown of carbohydrates in the digestive tract.

But perhaps you should take this “tasty” bit of news *with “a grain of salt.” This kind of health report is often put out by maple syrup producers. I don’t know ... Perhaps I really shouldn’t be promoting sugary treats at all. Hmm ... I will just have to pour some maple syrup into a big bowl of ice cream and sit down and think about it.





My All-Time Favorite

gobble downむさぼり食う、ガツガツ食べる

Surprisingly Delectable Delights

nostalgic 郷愁に満ちた、懐古の念にとらえられた
stir up(気持ち・関心・好奇心などを)かき立てる[呼び起こす]

Some Sweet News

digestive tract消化管
take ~ with a grain of salt~を話半分に聞く

like a kid in a candy store(大はしゃぎで、あれこれ目移りして)

This describes someone who is extremely excited or overwhelmed, often in a situation where there are many choices or opportunities. “When she saw all those shoes on sale, she was like a kid in a candy store.”


as sweet as candy(非常に魅力的な、人柄のいい)

This is used to describe something or someone that is exceptionally pleasing or delightful. “My little granddaughter is as sweet as candy.”


sugar rush(大興奮、多幸感)

This phrase refers to the sudden burst of energy or excitement experienced after consuming a large amount of sugar or sweets. “After we had the dessert platter at the hotel restaurant, I felt such a sugar rush!”


sugar high(シュガー・ハイ、興奮状態)

Similar to the previous expression, it describes a state of hyperactivity caused by excessive consumption of sugar. “I can’t control my children when they’re on a sugar high.”


eye candy(目の保養になるもの・人)

This describes something visually appealing or attractive, often used to refer to people but can also apply to objects or settings. “That film has amazing cinematography. Every frame is eye candy!


arm candy(人前に連れ歩くアクセサリー的な美女・美男子)

This refers to an attractive person that you take out somewhere because you want to be seen with such a good-looking person on your arm. “I knew I was going to see my ex-husband at the party, so I showed up with some arm candy – my handsome young neighbor!”



This is used to describe something that is made more attractive or palatable by being covered in sweetness or superficial charm. “This documentary is not candy-coated. It shows the darker side of human nature.” By the way, in the U.K., this expression would be “sugarcoated.”

これは、美しさや表面的な魅力で覆われることによって、より魅力的または好ましくなったものを表すのに使われます。例:「このドキュメンタリーは表現をぼかしていない。人間性の暗い面を示している」 ちなみに、イギリスでは、この表現は「sugarcoated」になります。

sweet tooth(甘党)

You likely already know this expression! It refers to a strong craving or preference for sweet foods or treats. “My wife loves desserts. She has such a sweet tooth!”


sweets for the sweet(大切なあなたへ甘い贈り物)

This phrase is used when giving a gift of candy or sweets to someone, often as a gesture of affection or kindness. “Happy birthday! Here are some sweets for the sweet!”


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