映画『ラ・ラ・ランド』 R・ゴズリングとD・チャゼル監督の生英語をリスニング!

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Ryan Gosling Emma Stone

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ロサンゼルス、ハリウッド(=La La Land[他に「夢の世界」なども表す])の映画スタジオにあるカフェで働きながら、女優への夢を追うミア(エマ・ストーン)。そして、ジャズクラブのオーナーを夢見るミュージシャンのセバスチャン(ライアン・ゴズリング)。偶然の出会いから恋に落ちた二人は互いの夢を応援し合っていたが、セバスチャンが生活のためにバンドを始めたことで、気持ちがすれ違い始める――。


それでは、実際に音声を聞いてみましょう。音声、英文、訳の順に並んでいますので、まずは英文を見ずに音声だけで聞き取りにチャレンジしてみてください。よくわからなかった部分は、英文や訳をチェックしてから聞き直すと、耳に入ってきやすくなりますよ。 ※英語の言いよどみ(umやuh)は表記していません。


Ryan Gosling

© 2016 Summit Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: EW0001: Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) in LA LA LAND.Photo courtesy of Lionsgate.



Ryan Gosling: I think the main thing that we kept discussing was: How do we embrace all the possibilities of this style and genre, but not have it fall too far into nostalgia? How do we make it feel current and relevant now? And how do we create characters that are not theatrical but accessible and relatable characters and still find a way to have them be able to fly off into the stars and dance among the planets?


It was a, that was a tough balancing act. But it was the really fulfilling part of the challenges, I think, for us and the constant source of dialogue. And there were a lot of potential pitfalls in that, but also an opportunity for what we felt would be maybe a contribution to the things that we loved and were referencing.







Damien Chazelle: I guess, my wanting to work with Ryan in this role and, but just in general just comes from what a phenomenal actor, I think, he is, and actually an incredibly versatile actor. And so for every dark psychopath he plays, there is also a really fun, romantic turn in something like “Crazy, Stupid, Love”※1 or “Lars and the Real Girl.”※2


So I just, kind of, felt first and foremost, that he could do anything. And then I think, even more than that, especially after having met him, the first time we met, he has a knowledge about film, a passion for the medium and a passion for musicals, he has music in his bones, it just seemed like he had all the ingredients to actually to make this character come alive and become a fully three-dimensional human being.

※1 “Crazy, Stupid, Love” 『ラブ・アゲイン』 ★(2011)。突然、妻から離婚を切り出された中年男性と周囲の人との騒動を描くハートウォーミング・コメディー。ゴズリングは、女好きのナンパ師を演じた。
※2 “Lars and the Real Girl” 『ラースと、その彼女』 ★(2007)。インターネットで注文したリアルドールを彼女として紹介する青年ラースと、それを受け入れようとする街の人々を描くストーリー。ゴズリングは主役のラースを演じた。







Gosling: I wrote that for him, so it’s ... I think you could have said it a little more passionately, but he’s not great at taking direction.※3

※3 not great at taking direction ★つまり、普段は監督として演出する側なので……と冗談を言っている。





Ryan Gosling Emma Stone

© 2016 Summit Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: EW0001: Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) in LA LA LAND.Photo courtesy of Lionsgate.



Gosling: Well, movies can be a wonderful communal experience and, if you go to the movie theater to see them. And one thing that Damien and I talked a lot about in the beginning was just, wouldn’t it be great to make the kind of film that you wanted to go to the movie theater to see, that you wanted to see with people, that you wanted to share that experience, that you didn’t want to watch on your phone, ha-ha.


And it’s just been so satisfying and gratifying to see, to see that, to see that ... you know, we made the film with the audience in mind. We were very conscious of trying to create an experience that you could only have in a movie theater. And it’s just been wonderful to see the effect of that – the audiences seem to really, they do enjoy that they’ve seen it in a theater and that they’ve seen it on the big screen, and that they saw it with other people, and it’s a shared experience.







Chazelle: Well, I mean, there was probably a lot of unconscious homages in the movie as well, ’cause it really – we were all, kind of, I think, swimming in references of musicals that we loved, and just older movies and more recent movies as well that we loved. Here in, being here in Japan, I was having a conversation last night with someone and it, sort of, came to me, a movie that I hadn’t thought of in relation to this movie since like early days of storyboarding, but I feel like, I took a little from is this Japanese movie “Tokyo Drifter”※1 by Seijun Suzuki and his whole kind of oeuvre of movies – these super-wide frames and very, kind of, pop-art colors. They feel like musicals to me, but with guns. So that was, maybe that’s like a, kind of, hidden homage, at least not one that anyone in the U.S. I think would get.


And Ryan reminded me we’ve recorded, we were lucky enough to record all the score, some of the vocals and all the orchestra parts in the recording studio, recording stage where they recorded “The Wizard of Oz” ※2 and “Singing in the Rain,” ※3 and a lot of those other kind of iconic Hollywood musicals. So that was like a wonderful, just, gift for us, to be able to use that same stage.

※1 “Tokyo Drifter” 『東京流れ者』 ★(1966)。同名の歌謡曲の映画化。
※2 “The Wizard of Oz” 『オズの魔法使』 ★(1939)。魔法の国「オズ」に迷い込んだドロシーの冒険を描く、ファンタジー・ミュージカル映画。
※3 “Singing in the Rain” 『雨に唄えば』 ★(1952)。サイレントから、音声付きのトーキー映画へと移行するハリウッド映画界を描いた名作ミュージカル映画。





今年のアカデミー賞の大本命!とも言われる『ラ・ラ・ランド』。会見もすごい人でした! 「映画館での体験」を大事にしたというこの映画。ぜひ劇場に足を運んでみてはいかがでしょうか? 長回しでロケ撮影されたオープニングは必見ですよ~。






Ryan Gosling Emma Stone

© 2016 Summit Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: EW0001: Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) in LA LA LAND.Photo courtesy of Lionsgate.