"take five" ネイティブらしい「休憩」の表現とコツ


ネイティブと話していて”Let’s take five.”と言うのを聞いたことありませんか?

意味がわかったとしても、自分で言えるかは別問題。 今回は、ネイティブらしい表現を掘り下げて、ネイティブ感覚で使えるようにしてみましょう!「アルクオンライン英会話」のTak先生に聞いてみました!

take five の意味は?

Q:take fiveの意味は?文字通り「5分休憩する」ということ?

That's right! When someone says, "Let's take five," it means "Let's take a five-minute break." The phrase is a shortened version of this sentence.
But be careful, because if you omit "Let's" and just say, "Take five," it will sound like a command. This will only be appropriate if you're the leader of the group you're talking to.

自分が話す時は、Let’s をつけ忘れないよう気をつけなくちゃ!



Yes, native English speakers often use this phrase. Alternatively, you could say, "Let's take 10," if you want to take a 10-minute break. I haven't heard many Japanese students use this phrase. Maybe that’s because usually it is the teacher who says this phrase!

確かに! 英語のレッスンでは生徒が使うことはない(たぶん!?)ですが、ぜひ使ってみたい表現ですね!

"Let's take a breather." も覚えておこう


Another common phrase is: "Let's take a breather." This doesn't specify the specific length of time of the break, but it basically means the same thing. Sometimes it's nice to take some deep breaths and relax before going back to work.