1. Facebook allows its members to ask their online “friends” to donate money to a charitable (   ) as a random act of kindness.

(a) cause
(b) causes
(c) causing
(d) to cause

2. On his way from work John always (   ) by a few supermarkets since his wife is working late.

(a) visits
(b) goes
(c) stops
(d) picks

3. In spite of not having a degree or any related experience, Emma proved to be a successful teacher, providing not only practical information (   ) encouragement to help others learn.

(a) even
(b) meanwhile
(c) so
(d) but

4. (   ) gender equality has become prevalent, many women today still feel a certain amount of guilt if they don’t cater to their husband or the man in their life.

(a) If
(b) Despite
(c) Even though
(d) When

5. The number of men who put their family before career is steadily growing. Dynagadget Inc., in line with this increasing trend, has ensured that (   )
male employees are entitled to paternity leave.

(a) his
(b) its
(c) her
(d) it

6. A local public library (   ) Ms. Tanaka that her job application for Japanese instructor had been successful.

(a) mentioned
(b) announced
(c) said
(d) informed



in factfor exampleaccording to / and / but / so

Every time you communicate with your family, friends, or coworkers, a language is indispensable. What words do you think are the simplest yet most powerful? ( 7 ) film writer Randy Olson, they are “and,” “but” and “so.” Let me show you how they work.

Olson was a successful biologist ( 8  ) then became a professor. ( 9 ) he realized he would rather tell stories about science than pursue his academic career in college. ( 10 ) he quit his job and went to Hollywood. Now, he writes and directs films, authors books, and teaches people how to tell better stories about science.


1. 正解:(a)

Facebook allows its members to ask their online “friends” to donate money to a charitable cause as a random act of kindness.


品詞を問う問題。空所直前にcharitable(慈善の)という形容詞があり、その前に冠詞aがあるので、空所には単数名詞が入るとわかる。よって、(a) cause(活動、大義、目的)が正解。(b) causesは複数名詞か動詞三人称単数現在形、(c) causingは動詞の現在分詞、(d) to causeは不定詞。

2. 正解:(c)

On his way from work John always stops by a few supermarkets since his wife is working late.


句動詞を問う問題。空所直後のbyと組み合わせて、stop by a few supermarkets(2、3軒のスーパーマーケットに立ち寄る)とすると文意が通るので、(c) が正解。(a) visitは直後に目的語の「場所」や「人」が続き、前置詞を必要としないので不正解。(b) go by ~(~を通り過ぎる)では後半の「妻が仕事で遅くなる」と文意がつながらない。(d) pickとbyの組み合わせは不可。pickは動詞で「~を選ぶ」の意。

3. 正解:(d)

In spite of not having a degree or any related experience, Emma proved to be a uccessful
teacher, providing not only practical information but encouragement to help others learn.


接続詞を問う問題。空所前後のpractical informationencouragement以下を対等な関係で接続できるものは、not only A but (also) B(A だけでなくBも)のみ。よって、(d)が正解。残りの選択肢はすべて副詞で、(a) evenは「~でさえ」、(b) meanwhileは「その一方で」、(c) soは「そのようにして」の意。

4. 正解:(c)

Even though gender equality has become prevalent, many women today still feel a certain amount of guilt if they don’t cater to their husband or the man in their life.


コンマまで一気に訳し、コンマ以降の内容をつなぐことができる接続詞を考える。正解は、逆接の(c) Even though(~にもかかわらず)。(b) Despiteは意味的には問題ないが、前置詞のため、節を導くことができず不正解。(a) Ifと(d) Whenの接続詞は文意に合わない。gender equality(男女平等)、prevalent(広く普及している)、feel guilt(罪悪感を抱く)、cater to ~(~[要求など]に応える)も併せて覚えたい表現だ。

5. 正解:(b)

The number of men who put their family before career is steadily growing. Dynagadget Inc., in line with this increasing trend, has ensured that its male employees are entitled to paternity leave.

仕事より自分の家族を優先する男性の数は着実に増えている。この増加傾向に合わせて、Dynagadget 社は自社の男性従業員が育児休暇を取得できるようにした。

選択肢に代名詞が並んでおり、空所が何を指しているかを考える。空所直後のmale employees(男性従業員)は、2文目の主語であるDynagadget社の社員だと考えると文意が通る。よって、この会社を指す所有代名詞(b) its(その)が正解。(a) his(彼の)は所有代名詞。(c) her(彼女に、彼女の)は目的格の代名詞か所有代名詞。(d) it(それ)は主格・目的格の代名詞。名詞句の直前に使えるのは、所有代名詞のみ。put A before B(AをBより優先する)、in line with ~(~に合わせて、~に沿って)、ensure that ...(……を確かにする、……を保証する)、paternity leave(父親の育児休暇)なども重要な表現だ。

6. 正解:(d)

A local public library informed Ms. Tanaka that her job application for Japanese instructor had been successful.


全選択肢には似た意味の語が並ぶことから、語法が問われている。空所直後に人を表す目的語をとることができるのはinform+人(人に知らせる)のみ。よって(d)が正解。不正解の選択肢は、直後に物事を表す名詞かthat節を導くので、人を目的語にすることができない。単語を覚えるときは、その意味だけでなく、使い方も把握しておこう。(a) mentionは「~に言及する」、(b) announceは「~を発表する」、(c) sayは「~を言う」の意。

7. ~ 10.

7. 正解:According to
8. 正解:and
9. 正解:But
10. 正解:So

Every time you communicate with your family, friends, or coworkers, a language is indispensable. What words do you think are the simplest yet most powerful? According to film writer Randy Olson, they are “and,” “but” and “so.” Let me show you how they work.

Olson was a successful biologist and then became a professor. But he realized he would rather tell stories about science than pursue his academic career in college. So he quit his job and went to Hollywood. Now, he writes and directs films, authors books, and teaches people how to tell better stories about science.



語・句・節を論理的に結ぶ「つなぎ言葉」を問う問題。空所7は文頭にあり、直後に情報源を示す人物があるので、according to~(~によると)が正解。空所8の前後は、当然の流れを表す句が続くので、順接and(そして)が正解。空所9の直後は、教授としてのキャリアを追求することと逆の結果が続くので、逆接but(しかし)が正解。空所10には、結果的に教授の仕事を辞める内容につなげる接続詞so(だから)が正解。



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